May 26, 2013 - Baby Steps to Fitness    3 Comments

Restarting the Challenge

If you read my last few posts, you’ll know that I had a false start on my fitness challenge.  Well … it’s time to start it up again.

I have a few catalysts.  First, I refuse to fail.  Second, I caught a glimpse of myself on TV the other day and thought “who’s that fat chick,” before I realized that the fat chick was me!

So, back I am on my mission to dump this 13 pounds.  We’re back in the game on Tuesday!

I’m planning to set myself up for success this time.   I will take the stellar advice of Dre and Stephanie (see comments from two posts ago), and prepare my food prior to the restart.  I will set my workout schedule.  I will have less of a love affair with wine.

Baby steps . . .


  • Gina,

    Every time I see you you look great-so I don’t know what 13 lbs you’re talking about. But to be supportive-two things I learned from my various health challenges: 1) Make sure you are eating enough. My schedule was so busy at one point that I was not consuming enough calories and my body retained fat for energy. 2) Make sure you are eating healthy fats. Maybe you have to hold back on the wine, but once you figure out what the good and necessary fats are in your diet-you can indulge in those things. For me it includes avocado and olive oil….yum!

  • This is great. Just restart and get back on. So many people would get frustrated and just stop… so kudos to you! You got this!

  • Thank you, Laura! You’re very sweet, but I camouflage well . . . I truly do. I wish I liked avocado. I keep trying!

    Dre . . . thanks always for the encouragement and patient answers to my weird questions. XO

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