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Brown Chicks, Fix My Life and the OWN Network

If you know me, or have been following my other blog, you might know that I’m a part of Six Brown Chicks   The quick story is that Six Brown Chicks is a group of women who originally joined forces in early 2011 to provide daily content to our collective blog on ChicagoNow.  A few weeks after the blog began, we were approached by WCIU to do a talk show to be aired online.  The format was kind of like The View, but there were six of us.  We taped several shows . . . and then we imploded (which tends to happen among a group of six black women).  I could go into more detail, but that’s the gist.

Zondra Hughes, our creator, was particularly upset by our implosion and wrote into the OWN Network to submit our story to the Iyanla Vanzant “Fix My Life” show.  They found us to be interesting (who knew?), so we got the original band back together and taped an intense episode of the show with Iyanla.  The entire point of our appearance on the show was to foster healing among the group so that we can move forward and operate as an entity.

Whether or not the healing worked remains to be seen.  I will encourage you to stay tuned. ;-)

In the meantime, this evening (Sunday, September 2nd) at 9:00 EST/8:00 CST, the topic of Oprah’s Lifeclass show is “Women Who Do Terrible Things to Each Other.”  Iyanla will be joining her for this episode.  It is with mixed feelings that I announce that the clip of our show will run during this show.  (Because, apparently we’re mean girls and our content is appropriate.)

Zondra and Yanni were present at the taping of this particular episode, and the MOST exciting piece for us is that Lady O herself mentioned Six Brown Chicks, and even alluded to having watched us herself.

I don’t know when our episode of Fix My Life will air, but I think the indecision has something to do with the fact that Iyanla also taped an episode with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada — his Basketball Wife bride — prior to the head-butting episode that prompted her divorce filing mere weeks after their nuptials.  I’m certain that their episode will air before ours, because, really?  As fucked up as WE are, I’m thrilled to take a backseat to people who are clearly more scandalous.

Not that I’m a fan of Basketball Wives (in fact, I’m hoping that dear Evelyn is on her 14th minute and 59th second), or Ocho’s antics (nor do I really care), but this should be an interesting episode because I know from experience that Iyanla really tries to get to the heart of most matters, and if she did as I predict, the audience will be privy to a lot of interpersonal stuff that we wouldn’t normally see.

I can’t help but be slightly nervous about the release of our hour-long episode.  The format is reality tv-esque.  We haven’t seen the edited version, and won’t have that opportunity before the rest of the world views it.  As individuals, the six of us have extremely strong personalities and none of us were quiet during the taping.  Many cried.  It will be interesting to see how we’re portrayed, although I can tell you that if you’re hoping to see cat fights or anyone overturning tables in anger, you’ll need to tune into a different show.  I will also reveal that I’m the stoic dry-eyed one (which will be a big shock for those who know me well).

That said, either tune into OWN this evening, or watch online if you’re interested in seeing a clip, and follow me on Twitter for live tweets during the show, and for the air date of our episode.


  • I appreciate the honesty of the SBCs on dealing with this issue openly. When you have six African-American women with strong viewpoints and personalities who are each individually pursuing something about which they are passionate, yet coming together for a joint venture, there is no doubt going to be some divergence of opinions, goals, etc. Kudos to you, ladies, for trying to work it out and get back on track! Most excellent – and inspiring!

  • Thank you Stephanie! Everything we’ve done so far as a collective has been in the public eye. I guess it only makes sense that we heal publicly as well. I appreciate you keeping up with us, and hope that we can create some interesting content going forward.

  • Hey girl. Just watched the episode. The ending was amazing. Loved the part with the older women sharing wisdom with you all. Must have been a once in a lifetime experience. Sorry for the loss of Dawjs husband. My deepest condolences with you all. Can’t wait for your blog to be up and running again. Good job ladies. You deserve all the success God has to offer!

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